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2014 High Growth Markets Outlook Survey

High growth and emerging markets represent some of the biggest growth opportunities in recent history. Executives are increasingly recognizing that they must enter new frontier markets or risk being left out of the economic gains, but often struggle with how to navigate the myriad of complex challenges and risks that high growth market (HGM) countries pose.

To provide needed guidance, the High Growth Markets Outlook publication has not only identified HGM market entry and revenue growth opportunities and barriers, but also the key drivers of success for HGM operations. High growth emerging markets are moving to the top of the corporate agenda. Our KPMG High Growth Markets Outlook publication provides guidance on how leading companies are taking advantage of this opportunity.

Africa, for example, has significant challenges, but companies that do not invest now will likely miss out when these countries overcome these challenges Emad Bibawi, Partner, KPMG US, Africa & Middle East



David Okwara

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